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Week in review

Very excited to share some of this week’s favorites.

Done this week:

  • Dismantling bonanza: printers, scanners, computers and keyboards torn to pieces in the name of future making and tinkering.
  • Made a life-sized paper band: keytar, flute, hand drum, violin, and guitar.  Performances and singing ensued.
  • First puppet show.
  • Microscopic photography (small scanner lens + mobile phone).
  • Made a PVC blowgun and cardboard shooting range.
  • Science observation: Tadpoles are beginning to grow hind legs. Snake can eat pray thicker than its own head.
  • Drama workshop offering by high school theater student  volunteers.
  • Completed building the first stage of our vegetable garden: cucumbers, tomatoes, mesclun mix and pumpkin.
  • Learned how to log information on our Weather Data Collection (mini)Station
  • Learned how to play Chinese Checkers together
  • Welcomed our new agile learner and maker-extraordinaire: Danny
  • Began practicing new 3-ball juggling pattern

Thanks @drew and @bear for the push to write!

Pictures coming soon.

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